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44″ Square Pedestal-Base Redwood Table


Our 44″ square Redwood Picnic/Dining table is made from beautiful rich colored Old Growth Reclaimed Redwood.  The table top and benches are made from 1 1/4″ stock all heart with a depth of color and a fineness of grain unmatched by newer growth Redwood.  Newly designed legs for greater durability and longer enjoyment.

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Old Growth Redwood Table comes as a set with choice of 4 benches or 4 chairs  or you can choose 4 mostly Old Growth Redwood dining chairs. Table comes with a center hole for your patio umbrella 

Table: approximately 30″ tall
Benches: 42″ long, 18″ tall, 15″ wide; “A” style legs are straight
Chairs: Overall dimensions are 32″ tall 24″ deep and 28″ wide.  The seat is 22″ wide and 17″ deep.  The front of the seat is 19 1/2″ and tapers back.

This 44″ square picnic/dining table set is a perfect addition for your deck or patio to add beauty and comfort for your family and friends for many years to come.

Comes partially assembled with instructions and hardware for easy assembly.





Gold Hill Redwood is unable to take orders at this time. Our business is changing ownership and will be under the ownership of Walking Tall of Southern Oregon. Order taking will resume in February of 2021.   More Info →